About Us

"A tree whose trunk you can barely hug comes from a tiny shoot. "

We are specialized in growing the very best Italian fruits and vegetables. We cultivate only in uncontaminated areas where water and land are known for their quality and purity.

On this solid basis, Kuveg founded its international structure: we have various sales representatives in Eastern Europe and we export fruits, vegetables, and aromatic plants on a daily basis. Kuveg Italy headquarter is located in the Piana del Sele, Salerno, but we also own other production sites in Sicilia, Puglia and Lazio. Moreover, Kuveg Italy has a very efficient logistics: thanks to it, we can always guarantee extremely fast shipments and deliveries and, therefore, preserve the freshness of our products in any circumstance.


All kuveg products are packaged
in customized packaging, made with food safe materials.